Want to know why we differ?

"We have been working with m2r for over 2 years and they provide invaluable support in our quest to hire the best teachers, trainers and support staff for our clients. To date m2r have supplied excellent staff from across the globe and all come well briefed and highly qualified."
General Manager, TQ Education and Training

"m2r are a valuable partner and a major player as our main recruiter in Europe, Asia and North America. They managed the various stages of the recruitment process, the visa application and kept in close contact to ensure speedy mobilisation."
Deputy General Manager, Al Hoty Company

"I work with m2r, helping the company with advice on International Trade. During this time m2r have become firmly established in several overseas markets. m2r have visited overseas markets on a number of occasions, winning repeat business in extremely competitive markets. The company have a very flexible client focused approach that appeals to current and potential customers."
International Trade Advisor, UK Trade and Investment

"m2r have at all times acted in a highly professional manner displaying outstanding integrity in my dealings with them. If it was not for their exceptional skills as an International recruiter my wife and I would not be in Saudi Arabia right now. What makes m2r outstanding is their care and empathy, which not many International recruiters possess. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them to anyone seeking employment placement, albeit in a foreign country, or otherwise."
John, ESL Teacher

"I highly recommend m2r recruitment team. They are extremely diligent and constantly in contact throughout the process of recruitment and other pertinent business matters. As an American, I advise other Americans to spend their energy with them because they are always on top of your business. I make my living overseas and have worked with dozens in his field. By far, m2r are the most outstanding."
Tim, Instructor