Expat Teacher Interviews

Want to hear what it is actually like to live and work overseas? Below you will find a number of interviews with expatriate teachers who we have successfully placed in international schools.

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An interview with Alan Asher, Head of Faculty, Al Khaleej Education, Saudi Arabia

Alan is a British expat teacher who we placed at an American international school in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Alan speaks very openly and honestly about his experience and it's safe to say, he loves it!

An interview with Kirk Stewart, Business English Teacher, LADO Business English, Taiwan

Kirk Stewart is a British ESL Teacher who has been living and working in Taiwan, for an organisation called LADO Business English Specialists. He gives a great account of what life is like as an English Teacher living in Taipei so still back and enjoy! (Not sure why the interviewer is behaving like he is on a game show at the start though😂😂)



An interview with Amelia Ray, Assessment Specialist / Lead Teacher, Ministry of Education, UAE

Amelia Ray is a British lady who has been living and working in the United Arab Emirates for a few years now, she started as an English Teacher and now looks after Assessments for the Ministry of Education. She is having a fantastic time, has adopted a dog and lives by the sea....


An interview with Muniza Vapiwala, Head of Humanities, Hay al Sharooq International School, Oman. 

Muniza is a British lady from London who attended our recruitment fair in early 2018. She was looking for her first international job and we managed to secure her 2 offers and she chose to go to Oman! Needless to say, Muniza loves it.....


An interview with Zaishan Ahmed, ESL Teacher, Haida, China

Zaishan was fresh out of university and looking for a new and exciting role, he applied to us and ended up with an ESL job in China! Zaishan was the first to do a video interview and we are very grateful to him for this......


An interview with Salome Leseyane, ESL Teacher, The Oxford Partnership, Saudi Arabia

Salome is from South Africa and was hired by us to work in Saudi Arabia as an English Teacher. Salome is a very enthusiastic individual who loves her job, her students and also where she is currently located...


An interview with Mandy Bateman, SENCO, The British International School, Madinaty, Egypt

Mandy is a British lady who relocated to New Cairo with her entire family! Of course she was concerned but judging on her interview, she needn't have worried at all....


An interview with Steve Rundle, British expat living in Oman

Our MD has known Steve for many years and has recruited for many of the companies where Steve has worked. What he doesn't know about Oman isn't worth knowing! A font of knowledge, Steve gives an great account of living in Oman and what there is to do there.....

An interview with Sandra Roode, Vocational Teacher, The Oxford Partnership, Saudi Arabia

Sandra is a South African lady whom we helped secure a role in northern Saudi as a Business Teacher. Sandra talks about her college, her students and life in general. Very useful info....

An interview with Joolia Hussein, Maths Teacher, The English Academy, Kuwait

Joolia is a UK maths teacher who moved to Kuwait with her husband in 2018. She is from West Yorkshire so probably not used to the heat and sand!!! She seems to have settled in well though....