Terms and Conditions – Online Courses

In purchasing an online course with us, you accept the following Terms and Conditions:

  • An online course is defined as an online product or course that you have purchased via this website.
  • When you purchase an online course, you must pay the full price as outlined in the ‘pricing’ sections of the pages. This is only refundable if you are dissatisfied with an online course and contact us at info@m2rglobal.com within 7 days of purchase stating which online course(s) you wish to have refunded and your reason for the refund (critical).
    •  No refunds will be given in the event of:
    •  Having completed 5 or more lessons of the Practical English course
    • Having purchased SimVenture and not having the correct OS to launch the game.
    • Not having the sufficient level of English as stated.
    • Any hardware / software related issues related to your personal devices
  • It is your responsibility to check the level of English you need for the course (where applicable) you wish to take (please see the relevant page on the website). 
  • All courses are delivered by external parties. We are not responsible for and have no control over the content of such sites. Information on online programmes, or hyperlink availability from our site, is made available without responsibility on the part of m2r Education (m2r Ltd).  m2r Education disclaims all responsibility and liability (including for negligence) in relation to information on or accessible from our site.
  • By purchasing courses by a third party, you also accept their Terms and Conditions, details of which can be found below:
  • Should you have an issue with either provider regarding online delivery, support etc, we recommend that you contact each provider using the following links:
  • All prices quoted are based on a Pound Sterling value. We are not liable for any currency fluctuation against the Pound Sterling value and all USD quoted amounts are accurate as of 11th February 2016.


SimVenture + Really English

m2r Education will be exhibiting at the following events in the first half of 2019, if you are planning to attend, please stop by!

  • COBIS HR & Bursar Conference, Feb 7th & 8th, London
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