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Do you want to develop key skills to help you get the best out of life but need the flexibility to study at times to suit you?

At m2r Education, we have partnered with 2 leading UK companies who will develop your English Language skills and also your ability to run your own business.

All you need is an internet connection and some time!

If you lead a busy life, online learning is an ideal way to learn, so what are you waiting for?

For a cost effective way to increase your knowledge of business and English, click the links below!

Products can be bought separately or as a bundle (discount available) and both come with a 7 day money back guarantee (Terms and Conditions apply)

‘I never expected to learn THIS much from just one simulation game! This is truly a very enriching experience. It taught me the aspects of business and how to tackle and solve situations I faced along the way.’ Carrie Lee, Student

‘ the training is very useful and important for my role. The new vocabulary I am learning is helping me to communicate better with English speaking colleagues. I am learning about adverbs and grammar and I am enjoying learning!' Laurent, Finance Dept Merlin, Haiti

'I am extremely impressed with SimVenture. It's an ideal resource for anyone who is considering setting up in business because it allows people to see their own future, and as a result, avoid wasting money and time when running a business for real.' Richard Campos, Managing Director - RC Business Support

‘Thank you to Reallyenglish for offering English training to MSFers. The online courses ensure effective communication of the English language, which is essential in carrying out our work in various English speaking contexts.’ Jaggu Singh HR Director, MSF

SimVenture + Really English

Want to earn some extra money and teach online for a minimum of 10hrs per week?

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