School Inspector, Dubai

FROM 30000AED (£6700 / $8000 per month), annual tickets and medical for family. Open ended contract.

United Arab Emirates

International Schools



m2r Education have School Inspector opportunities with this semi-government authority in Dubai. They oversee the private education sector, including early childhood education centres, schools, higher education providers, and training institutes. 

Candidates with UAE experience can be considered, HOWEVER, not those who have inspected in Dubai. If you have or had Senior Leadership roles, (ex)principals or vice principals or similar, Consultants etc. with inspection experience, then please apply.

Positions are open to UK applicants, otherwise you must have Western experience (either academic or professional) with a strong school inspection in one of the following disciplines:

  • UK Curriculum
  • Early Years
  • IB
  • English Language
  • Maths

The inspection team will assess the quality of educational provision using the UAE nationally agreed criteria-based frameworks as a basis for making judgments on the evidence they collect of observed practice in the schools

Job Responsibilities:

  • Lead or participate as a team inspector in adherence with the UAE framework and guidelines
  • Serve as a reference for the inspection framework to guide and assist in the gathering of evidences and judgment
  • Inspect and collect valid evidence on the assigned performance indicators.
  • Advise colleagues regarding specific curriculum and assessment arrangement and keep colleagues informed of developments relating to curriculum and assessments
  • Monitor the outcomes of inspection within specialist areas
  • Contribute to meetings and reliable judgements.
  • Provide well-written sections for the report that address and evaluate the elements of performance indicators.
  • Provide flexible support to ensure there is sufficient evidence to judge all performance indicators.
  • If necessary, contribute towards resolution of any complaint or concern made by the school.
  • Act as a mentor, as and when required, to new Associate Inspectors who have limited inspection experience.

Required knowledge, skills and attitudes:

  • Have a qualification in education or a specific subject as per the disciplines above
  • Have minimum of 5 Years of teaching experience
  • Have Inspection/ accreditation experience (license/certificate)
  • Have teaching or school leadership experience (teacher, head of department, principal)
  • Have excellent report writing skills
  • Have experience of living and working in an international context
  • Positions are open to UK applicants (preferred), otherwise you must have Western experience (academic or professional).

If you have other skills outside of inspection then you may be asked to utlilise these too, for example research, new policy development etc as inspections only take place between October and March.

This is a full time, permanent role with an open ended contract.

Interview Process:

  • Skype interview
  • Assessment centre in Dubai across 2 days


  • From 30000AED (TOTAL PACKAGE) dependent upon experience
  • Annual tickets for family
  • Medical insurance for family

All roles are based in Dubai only.

Sep 2020 start dates

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