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CV Advice

Your CV
A CV should be like a shop window. It merely exists to give the recipient a glimpse into your experience and make them want to find out more.
You will need an online and printed copy so ensure you use good quality paper and ink.

  • Remember, the CV is not written for you, it is written about you and for someone else with the purpose of securing an interview.
  • Include your full contact information and ensure that your email address is of a professional manner, e.g. name@gmail.com
  • Include a professional head shot. If you don’t, we guarantee you will be asked for one.
  • Do not use too much formatting, e.g. text boxes, tables etc as Recruiters like to reformat CVs and ones that are very difficult to amend tend to be put to the bottom of the pile.
  • Include a brief profile, similar to your Linked In and Twitter profiles.
  • Use bullet points where possible as most CVs are read quickly on a first review.
  • Ensure each role is laid out in the following manner:
    • Name of company and dates you worked there. Include the months.
    • Brief overview of the company. Limit to one line.
    • Your core responsibilities, no need to cut and paste your entire job description.
    • Your achievements. Include figures if relevant. Show the hirer how good you are!
    • Reason for leaving. Don’t let the recruiter / hirer make false assumptions that may affect your short listing.
  • Make sure your CV has keywords in it. Recruiters especially will keyword search CVs so make sure you have relevant keywords in there.
  • Keep your CV to 2 or 3 pages and save it in MS Word, not a PDF or any other format. Again, make people’s lives easier!
  • Do not embed anything into the CV, don’t use a variety of fonts, colours, etc.
  • Look at your CV and ask the question – if you received it, would you interview the person?

If you would like to use a CV template, click here to download.