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Why pay for a TEFL internship?

25th February 2023

Amanda was geared up and ready to begin a TEFL position overseas in China in 2020. Unfortunately, with all the arrangements made, the opportunity fell through. Despite this set back, Amanda continued to explore other options. But nothing could have prepared her for the effect of a global pandemic. The next two years would be spent static, waiting for the world to turn.

It’s a shame when we hear about a ‘less than satisfactory’ experience from a TEFL employer. Amanda was searching for a career but instead, she had been let down.

Amanda was looking to travel overseas but like so many others, she had been held hostage by COVID. And now, as the epidemic dissipates, we have all cautiously emerged from the cellar, a little bit different. As we bear the scars and bruises, they remind us of what could go wrong.

In a post-COVID world, we understand that international travel is more daunting than ever. Teachers need security and certainty when committing to an overseas role. Teaching overseas should be a transcendent, life-changing experience filled with positive memories and personal growth. The last thing we want you to feel is scared, isolated and unhappy.

Amanda contacted us and explained that she wanted a springboard in to the TEFL industry. Amanda wanted more than a job, she wanted an experience with great memories at the end.

We are thrilled to have Amanda on our paid Vietnam TEFL internship programme, as she absorbs everything it has to offer and propels herself into a TEFL career.

Amanda now feels safe in the knowledge that she will receive a guaranteed TEFL teaching placement with a reputable school. She feels secure that all arrangements are taken care of and that she is part of a professional programme that will offer her the experience she craves with a large group of like-minded explorers, and support from an expert in country team.

We can’t wait to hear her feedback!!!

If you have had a negative experience finding work overseas, if you have had difficulty securing the right opportunity or if you simply want the support and assurance of a TEFL internship – this opportunity is for you.

Contact us at internships@m2rglobal.com or visit this page.

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