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Driving Digital Education in Middle East

1st October 2020

Driving Digital Education in Middle East:

BCT and m2r Education partner to provide online English learning programs

Dubai, UAE: Bahwan CyberTek (BCT) Group, a global IT conglomerate driving digital transformation across countries, has partnered with m2r Education, an award-winning international education services provider, to offer online English learning programs in the Middle East.

BCT Group’s EdTech is a digital education solutions provider which has been instrumental in driving online education across the globe. In the Middle East, the company has leveraged emerging technologies to create transformative value to hundreds of learners across educational institutions and corporates. m2r Education, on the other hand, is a UK-based multi-award winning bespoke education services provider specializing in English language training (ELT) courses, teacher recruitment and private tutoring.

Both the companies will collaborate to offer high quality online English learning programs to corporates, educational institutions and individuals in the region. Given the companies’ digital and domain expertise, this initiative will benefit learners in more ways than one—from seamless learning to international and native expertise in English language training.

Talking about the partnership, Munir Mamujee, Managing Director of m2r Education says, “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Bahwan CyberTek and pleased that the organization is keen to promote the UK ELT sector. Given their regional presence and reputation, having such a professional and proactive strategic partner will allow us to deliver English courses across the Middle East at a time when online learning is needed the most.”

“We are seeing the education ecosystem in the Middle East going through rapid transformation and COVID-19 has just accelerated that pace. BCT is pleased to partner with m2r Education UK to bring high quality English language coaching to corporates and individuals. m2r has excellent track record and won multiple awards by British government, together we look forward to transforming how the English language is taught and learnt in this region.” says Sathyanarayan TM, Senior Vice President, Education & Training at BCT EdTech.

Virtual classrooms are indeed on the rise in the Middle East with technology companies and educational institutions collaborating to create seamless learning experience for learners. Set against the backdrop of the pandemic, this partnership indicates the paradigm and definitive shift towards digital learning in the region.


BCT EdTech

Bahwan CyberTek (BCT) Group’s EdTech is a global IT conglomerate driving digital transformation in the education industry through a gamut of digital products and solutions. The company leverages Artificial Intelligence and emerging technologies to transform teaching and learning experiences inside classrooms, campuses, STEM labs and libraries. Since its inception in 1999, the Group has enabled hundreds of organizations to operate as smart, efficient and future-ready enterprises and helped them function with agility and customer centricity

m2r Education

m2r Education was established in 2001 are a UK based, multi award winning company operating across the entire education sector. The have won 6 international business awards and have been recognised by the Department for International Trade in the UK for international business. Core services are teacher / ed tech recruitment, private online tuition to school children and the delivery of online English language training courses, successfully completing education projects across the globe. ###

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