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m2r Education announces partnership with Parental Choice

24th October 2019

Parental Choice and m2r Education are delighted to be collaborating for the benefit of relocating international educators.

Statistics show that 40% of international assignments fail and that expats cite ‘not feeling at home’ as a key reason for unhappiness. This partnership will make a real difference to those moving overseas to work in education. 

The introduction of Parental Choice services to m2r Education’s candidates will help them with a smooth and efficient relocation to their new country.  Services will include local orientation, one-to-one on the ground assistance and searching for family support for example schools, childcare, domestic help and extra-curricular activities where required.

m2r Education are a multi-award-winning recruitment company based in the UK. Established in 2001, they cover the entire education vertical, helping and guiding applicants through the complicated world of international recruitment. Winners of six international business awards plus considerable recognition by The Department of International Trade in the UK and overseas British embassies, m2r Education are ideally placed to help educators in their international job search. From initial contact through to interview, offer, visa processing and mobilisation, m2r Education provide guidance every step of the way.

Parental Choice was founded eight years ago to offer working life solutions, with a core mission of supporting employee wellbeing. In the last three years their services have expanded internationally in several exciting ways, including their work with international educators. Using a network of expert, on-the-ground consultants Parental Choice deliver highly tailored orientation services which facilitate the acclimatisation of teaching staff (and their families, where relevant) during the process of their relocation overseas. International schools and education groups benefit from happier staff and higher retention rates.

‘I am delighted to be working in partnership with m2r.  There are teachers and support staff moving to international schools around the world who will benefit from the addition of Parental Choice services,’ said Founder and CEO, Sarah-Jane Butler.

‘Our on the ground consultants will be there to help them settle into their new life with our tailor-made orientation services, childcare and school searches.  Successful Long-term international assignments require a positive start and Parental Choice can make sure individuals and families are comfortable and ready to start an exciting new life overseas.’

m2r Managing Director Munir Mamujee said: ‘Parental Choice’s relocation service is a perfect addition to our suite of recruitment services. Our aim is to make sure that each and every candidate we send overseas has a great experience from the start and this includes making sure they settle in quickly to their new surroundings. Moving country is a massive step and by partnering with Parental Choice we can hopefully take away some of the apprehension, not only for the individual but also for their family. Of course, this is also great for the school as it should positively benefit their staff retention rate too’.



22nd October 2019


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