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Wow, what a great reference to our great service!

2nd October 2014

Wow, what a great reference to our great service!

Dear Sir or Madam,

Amy Anderson, head of education and training at m2r, has been pivotal in helping me find a teaching position in the Middle East as well as providing guidance and assistance at every stage of the recruitment process. From providing advice and assistance in submitting my application to the employer, to making sure that my ticket had been booked correctly and on time.

People hear of the many horror stories when applying for a job in the Middle East, delays in visa processing, problems with contracts and unscrupulous agencies taking advantage of applicants. My experience of working with m2r has been their very professional approach in putting me in contact with a very well organised and professional client operating in the Middle East, who provide detailed step by step information at every stage of the recruitment process.

They have a team of people who guide the applicant through every stage of the process starting with the interviews, then the visa processing and finally booking of the tickets. Staff at m2r keep track of the progress of the application and provide extra advice and assistance, while liaising with the employer, as and when necessary.

I am very pleased and satisfied with the services of m2r and would recommend them to anyone who wants to deal with a professional and well organised recruitment agency.

Shehzad Qayum

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