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Latest Vacancies

Operations Manager Eastern Province Saudi Arabia
Salary: USD84000.00
Location: Saudi Arabia
Our client a contracting company based in Saudi Arabia are searching for an Operation Manager with a strong electrical engineering background and experience in power distribution. The ideal candidate will have experience in handling various major projects within and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arab
Senior Teacher Coordinator for Technical Bridging Saudi Arabia
Salary: USD80000.00
Location: Saudi Arabia
m2r are seeking applications for a Senior Teacher Coordinator (STC) to assist in the management of the technical bridging (Maths, science and health & safety) programme for a major further education institution in Juaymah. Main duties include assisting the Head of Department in teacher performance r
Training Centre Manager
Salary: USD130000.00
Location: Saudi Arabia
We need a Training Centre Manager with considerable experience of running and managing a vocational training centre, ideally within the power generation sector. Positions available in Riyadh, Eastern Province and SW Saudi Arabia.
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CV Tips

How many ads do you remember every day?

When you're job-hunting you are the ad. Your CV and interview are the only chances you've got to advertise yourself. Make sure you stand out. Don't forget, first impressions last: you're on sale from the first call.

Get our specialist advice on how to create the best possible CV as well as our tips on clinching that first vital interview. Take a look at the online CV template: simply fill in your own details and a consultant will contact you regarding suitable vacancies.

CV Do's

Communicate your strengths, your achievements, your initiative and your personality. In short, your credibility and suitability. Your CV should be no more than two pages long. Think quality, not quantity. On average, readers absorb 60% of the first page, 40% of the second, and the third is generally a waste - this has been proven time and time again.

Aim to make an impact on the reader.

Put the greatest emphasis on your most recent positions. Summarise older roles. Include dates and months of employment for each. Include your competence in foreign languages (basic, good, fluent), but be honest. So, if you only have 'O-Level French', then you have 'basic French'. Be positive - don't be too modest and don't lie about your experience. Positive thinking is vital to secure that next position.

Tailor your CV to each job application. Tailor the CV to the company/department and position whenever possible. Although this may be time-consuming, it could just help you clinch that job! You could include a 'position sought' section in your CV for this purpose.


CV Don'ts

A badly prepared CV undermines the credibility of its contents.

If you cannot produce a professional document about yourself, an employer may conclude that you are unlikely to have the competence to fill an important job.

Don't make false/exaggerated claims: honesty is always the best policy. If the interviewer spots inconsistencies in your CV you won't be successful.

Don't provide personal information such as weight, height, and place of birth. You can include information about your interests, but keep it short.

Don't enclose a picture.

There is no need to include your 'hobbies'. If you have some outstanding achievements, such as 'Olympic Rower', there is clearly no harm in mentioning this: it may enhance the interview.

Don't include your required rate/salary. You cannot win - the figure will often be too high, or sometimes even too low. Negotiate this after you've got the job!


CV Content

Make sure your CV has a clear structure - include career overview, skills overview, qualifications (education/professional) and employment history.

Employers often make up their mind from reading the initial summary and key skills. Create a compelling summary on the first page and include a list of your key skills and key applications in bold. Note the quantity of experience you have for each key skill, e.g. Sales Manager (5 Years), Field sales exec (4 Years), etc.

Bullet points break up a CV well. Employers want to get straight to the salient points so direct them there. Important information should stand out but avoid using just one or two words.

  • Your typical duties
  • Your achievements
  • Your reason for leaving

The above should mean that the reader does not have any unanswered questions and would feel confident in inviting you for an interview.

For further information please download the following article, ‘How to Create the Perfect CV’ or clicking on this link.


CV Template

Download the Online CV Template which you can complete and send to us.